Pumpkins are not just for Halloween...

Coming in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes these frighteningly fabulous fruits and are a delicious, wholesome and versatile Autumn/Winter staple.

They’re in season from October to December so over the next few weeks you’ll find them in your veg boxes, local greengrocers or in tempting farm shop (and supermarket) displays… but what to do with them?

Well, the big orange pumpkins or butternut squash are great with warm spices – try cutting the pumpkin into wedges and mixing with cumin, oil and chilli before roasting or adding chunks to curries or stews. Smaller varieties such as the Acorn Squash or Kabocha are brilliant mashed as a side or stuffed with spiced rice or couscous and baked.

But if you find yourself with a glut, or want to try something a bit different, why not pickle?

Pickling pumpkin, and the rind (more on that to follow), is not only a perfect way to preserve the flavours of the season, but really importantly, to save any part of the pumpkin from being wasted.

Below we’ve rounded up three of our favourite ways to pickle pumpkin…

  1. This South Indian pickle recipe from Jamie Oliver is a bit of a challenge, but well worth the effort!
  2. This James Martin spiced pumpkin pickle recipe is for pairing with Indian lamb, but we just skip the lamb part and make this easy fridge pickle.
  3. This pickled pumpkin rind (yes really!) recipe is brilliant way to use up ‘scraps’ and makes a wonderfully different addition to a charcuterie board or cheese plate.

📢 Let us know if you try any of these and if you do, how you serve them! 

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