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Pickled or Fermented?

We're often asked what the difference is between pickling and fermenting. And we always try to keep our answer as simple as possible, because ultimately they're both methods for preserving foods that produce seriously tasty, tangy results. And we do both!  But there are a couple of key differences. Pickling works by immersing foods in an acidic solution. Typically you'll combine vinegar, sugar, salt, herbs and spices and bring the liquid to the boil before pouring it over fruits or vegetables and leaving them to soak for a bit. This process involves using heat which (and this is key!) prevents the growth of any healthy bacteria. Fermentation doesn't need an acidic liquid, or heat, it can be achieved with just a container, salt and time. When...

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What Does Kimchi Go With?

On a freezing day in December 2017, at the vibrant Leith Market in Edinburgh, we exchanged our products for money for the very first time. And since that day we’ve been asked many, many times “what is kimchi?” However it’s a question we love to be asked because it gives us the opportunity to talk about one of our favourite things and it means we get to discuss its ancient origins, health benefits and the way we lovingly make each batch (including how we massage every one of those napa cabbages!) Once the basics are established the question that quickly follows is “what does kimchi go with?” And we love this question too, because the possibilities are endless… The short...

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Quick (ish!) Pickled Tomatoes

You don't see pickled tomatoes that often right?  That's because they can be a little bit tricky to pickle... you've got to make sure they're not too mushy, but not too firm and the skin can be a bit of a barrier to mastering full on flavour. But get them right, and you'll be addicted. Get them right, and you've got yourself versatile little flavour bombs that will transform your pasta salads, elevate your bruschetta and take your avocado toast to a whole new level. The possibilities to pair these beauties are practically endless!!  Tis' the season for tomatoes, so if you find yourself with a glut, or you want to savour the taste of them at their summery best...

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